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Dancing on the Go is a travel base dance/fitness program designed to encourage children of all ages along with adults to live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating dance and movement into their daily routine. This program is organized to help motivate individuals, by teaching them the foundation of dance education and fitness. It also allows children to participate in a learning environment, where they can express themselves, be creative, have fun, and build team work skills along with developing relationships. Dancing on the Go appeals to everyone, even if you do not have dance experience or never worked out a day in your life. The number one rule is to have fun! There is no judgment zone and this program is organized to help uplift individuals in their fitness and dance journey. The importance of Dancing on the Go is to provide individuals with an activity that they can enjoy and inspire them to do their very best by achieving their goals.


Courtney J

Director of D.O.T.G.

Courtney has been dancing since the age of four. She has competed in national dance competitions, performed at NBA halftime shows, concerts, church events, and etc.Courtney grew up dancing at BB Dance Productions in Charlotte, NC. She first started teaching dance classes when she was a freshman in high school by earning a part time job at her dance studio as a teacher assistant. She developed a passion and love for the art of dance at a young age and till this day she continues to practice and share her skills with others.


Courtney attended Winston-Salem State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science.Throughout her college career she was a member of the company and a member of the WSSU Marching Band, Red Sea of Sound as a Scarlet Lace dancer. She also became a dance instructor at Positive Image Performing Arts and a Zumba® instructor at Winston Lake Family YMCA in Winston-Salem, NC. Courtney has hosted dance camps, fitness events, master classes, coached dance teams and so much more!


Courtney is a professional dancer and memeber of the NC Dance District Agency in Charlotte, NC. She has appeared in movies such as "Bolden"


music videos

Elevation Dancer

International hip hop breaking convention

and the list goes on!


Courtney is a member of the Zumba Instructor Network® and a licensed Zumba® instructor.  She is currently located in the Charlotte/Concord area and she has her own traveling on the go dance program called "Dancing on the Go", which caters to adults and children. No dance experience is needed!!! Just required to have fun!!!All levels are welcomed!!!

Licensed To Teach

  • Zumba®

  • Zumba Kids Jr.®

  • Zumba Kids®

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • Kids & Adult Fitness Classes

  • Dance Instructor/Choreographer/ Creative Director

  • Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Gymnastics, Partner Dance, Modern, & Line Dance

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